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Drawn to music at an early age, Gil Everest has been constantly immersed in one instrument after another, ultimately leading him onto the dance floor.  


At 4 it was the violin; at 8 the tambourine. By 9 it was a full set of drums, then a guitar, then the piano. By the tender age of just thirteen, the young Swiss artist had moved on to the actual art of DJing, learning his craft from the bottom up, grafting at school, birthday and wedding parties. At 16, he not only landed his first professional club contract at a well known bar in Lausanne, but began a 15-year-long career as a DJ on influential Swiss dance station Rouge FM. 


Then in 2006, during a week’s vacation in Ibiza and partying at some of the greatest venues in dance music’s history - Privilege, Space, Pacha, Amnesia and Cafe Mambo - Gil witnessed a Subliminal Sessions set from the legendary Erick Morillo that would change his entire attitude to music, fuelling a burning ambition in him to produce the kind of music that could ignite that same kind of energy. 


Returning from the White Island, Gil focused his energies towards his new ambitions, spending anywhere upwards of 40 hours a week learning how to produce music, at the same time pushing his DJ skills to include more decks and more effects, until finally they began to match those of his heroes. Playing across 3 CDJs and 3 analog filters, drawing inspiration from the master craftsmen of house music - Morillo, Angello, Ingrosso, Axwell, Fat Boy Slim, Luciano and Daft Punk - his style now flowed deftly between house music and EDM, incorporating the acapellas of the old school with the beats of the new. The hard work paid off, with sets in venues across Switzerland and ultimately at the country’s iconic Street Parade festival.  


Turning his attention towards creating his own music, Gil gathered together a collective of talented musicians. Productions like ‘Massive’,‘Valentine’s’, ‘Help Me Out’,collaborations with Lunar Sound (Richard Meyer) on ‘Cassiopee’ and remixes like ‘Beds Are Burning’ from Midnight Oil or ‘Maniac’ from Michael Sembello built his reputation as a talented beatmaker. October 2017 saw him release ‘Higher’ on Senssual Records Ibiza, a partnership that brought him full circle to that moment on the dance floor in 2006. 2018 has seen him build on his reputation further, with stunning progressive gems 'Morpheus' and 'Fuji', tracks that hark back to the golden days of the genre thanks to complex production and a willingness from Gil to give tracks enough time and space to breathe.

In 2020, Gil released a brand new track with Rob-R-Sky called "Before Storm" on Lazuli Records.

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